It is our employees who make the difference. We want you to be committed and be an active part of our future. That’s why we work hard to create an inspiring culture. A culture where you can develop your skills, knowledge and creativity. We believe in action, participation and determination.

Environment, sustainability and safety are important issues that guide our everyday lives. Together we want to build a sustainable society where long-term thinking also characterizes the choice of materials, hence our passion for concrete. Did you know that we are self-sufficient in green electricity? One of many steps in our environmental work.

Finja is an expansive Swedish family business founded in 1957. We develop, manufacture and deliver concrete in its most refined form. We are located in several places in the country. Finja consists of a number of companies, all of which specialize in their areas, but with the same basic values and focus on solving customer needs.

Finja Prefab AB is a full service frame contractor. We build and develop future multifamily housing, offices, public- industrial- and agricultural buildings with our frame concepts. We provide a wide range of products; wall panels, foundations, floor structures, balconies, staircases, manufactured in our facilities located throughout the country. At the moment we are 540 employees and we have a turnover of one billion kronor. For more information please read here.

Finja Betong AB focus on mortar and plaster and is a nationwide supplier of building materials with a comprehensive range of products. Through a wide network of qualified retailers, we provide a solid range of dry-use products, fixed and joint products, cellular plastics, foundation elements and façade systems. All our manufacturing is locally produced. At the moment we are 180 employees and aim for a turnover at one billion kronor. For more information please read here.

Bemix AB develop and deliver special mortars for the Swedish construction industry and have a wide range of advanced and customised expanding mortars for professionals. Their areas of use include everything from the advanced underpinning of machines, crane runways, overhead cranes, columns and bridge bearings to anchoring bolts in rock and jointing prefabricated concrete elements. For more information please read here.

Brogårdsand AB processes and sells special sand that is used mainly in water treatment, in heating plants, in the construction industry, by foundries, sports and leisure facilities and for blasting and park and garden plants. For more information please read here.

Franshill AB works with property management in well-chosen locations in Sweden. We own, manage and rent out rental properties as well as commercial premises. We currently have 689 apartments and we are aiming for long-term ownership and continuous growth. For more information please read here .

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