Environment & quality

Finja Prefab works long-term with environmental and quality issues to continuously reduce environmental impact and to produce products with high quality. Our products are often used in buildings that shall be environmentally certified according to different standards. For the assessment in each project to be as good as possible, we strive to optimise our products from both environmental and quality point of view.

Build climate smart with us

We have a natural commitment to sustainability issues and focusing on the environment and the future is a matter of course for us. Since 2015, we have been self-sufficient in green electricity, our two wind turbines, located on Rödstahöjden just outside of Sollefteå, collectively generate almost 20 GWh of renewable energy. This is twice as much as our company currently uses, which allows us to continue to grow while contributing to a sustainable society.

See how our wind turbines took shape and what the conversion to renewable energy means for our operations and concrete production. Read more.

Environmental work

Development, manufacturing and transport of Finja products will be done with a long-term view. Through constant improvement, our work will prevent pollution, reduce use of limited resources, preserve biodiversity and streamline use of resources.

Read more about our environmental work in Finja´s sustainability & quality policy.

Finja’s environmental goals
·         We will strive to have zero emissions from our operations to air, water and land.
·         We will optimize use of environmental friendly chemical products in our company.
·         We will continue developing our products for reduced contribution to CO2 emissions.
·         We will increase the amount of recyclable material from our production.
·         We will reduce our energy use and only use electricity from renewable sources.
·         We will increase the use of infinite natural resources in our production.