The gravel pit from which the company origins, was situated in Finja, a town in Skåne.

The company Finja has turned 60 years old and it has been an exciting journey. It all started in 1957 when the enthusiast Kaj Andersson dedicated to helping the farmers in Göinge to draw electricity to their farms. He was an entrepreneur and that is why he also took the opportunity to sell refrigerators and stoves to those with whom he installed electricity. At one point, the payment consisted of a gravel pit instead of money.

The gravel pit laid the foundation for the success story Finja, through which Kaj helped to build the Swedish welfare state, at first with concrete bricks and later with lightweight aggregate blocks, mortar and prefabricated systems. In 1978, the company was affected by a fatal fire that resulted in Kaj deciding to take loans for the first time and rebuild the factory, this time with the most modern machinery in Europe.

Kaj’s daughter Gull-Britt, started to work in the company already at eleven years of age. Her first assignment was to deliver invoices by bike to the nearby customers. After an education in business economics she started as controller at Finja and in the middle of the 80s she was given responsibility for a newly acquired company, which gave her appetite for more and resulted in her taking over the role of CEO in 1989.

Gull-Britt has a strong drive and a great deal of optimism and with her leadership Finja has continued to grow, through new products, increased processing, modernizing of production facilities and acquisition within core businesses.

The farmer who paid for his refrigerator and stove with a gravel pit could probably never predict this to be the start of a successful company which 60 years later would have set the target for a turnover at 2 billion and to have around 800 employees.