Finja shall; while developing, producing and selling concrete and masonry products, special mortar including machine equipment, insulation products and prefabricated concrete elements for frame construction – work for a long term sustainable society and everyone´s right to a healthy and rich life in harmony with the nature.

The employee’s knowledge, feelings and common sense shall serve as guiding principles in the company’s environmental work.

Finja shall through constant improvement push on further to prevent pollution, reduce use of limited resources, to preserve the biodiversity and to streamline our use of resources. Cooperation with our suppliers and customers is an important part of this work.

Finja will as far as it is possible in terms of technical and financial aspects avoid materials and methods with environmental risks in favour of safer alternatives.

Finja shall to the least meet the binding requirements that affect our own operations.


At Finja the quality policy is part of our business concept. 

Our quality system aims to market and deliver products, which together have the ability to satisfy the customer’s stated and implied needs. The correct quality level is a result of commitment and work at all levels within the company.   

Kaj Grönvall
CEO Finja Prefab