Slurry pump


Finja Prefab slurry pump can be delivered for different volumes with bottom part, middle section and a drivable lid. All the connections in the slurry pumps middle section and lid can be adjusted and met according to your requests. Another alternative is a square slurry pump chamber which measures 4,0 x 4,0 x 2,5 m on the inside.


Product data

Bottom part: External measurements
2400 mm
Height 450 mm Weight 2250 kg
Middle part: External measurements
2400 mm
Height 1250 mm Weight 2350 kg
Driveable lid: External measurements
2460 mm
Thickness 200 mm Weight 2200 kg


SIZE Volume L Height
Bottom part and
one middle section
5700 1700
Bottom part and
two middle sections
10 200 2900
Bottom part and
three middle sections

14 700

Bottom part and
four middle sections
19 200 5300